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Parade March

Concept Summary

A short routine designed in a square, marching in rhythm and hitting every beat of the music. This event is a progressive component developing towards the Championship Event of Strut. It builds upon the level of demand of the Basic Strut event and continues to develop basic rhythm and components of good posture while adding the demand and coordination of twirling. This event introduces individual athletes to the beginning stages of baton and body blending while being “in step” as in the strut event.

General Rules

Performed in a square.

Performed to the Basic Strut music (40 counts).

Eight count introduction (athlete holds for introduction).

Thirty-two (32) count long forward progression march beginning the second count of 8 (8

counts to each side, executing a left flank on each count 8).

Lower body must perform marching steps in step in the 1-2 or left, right pattern in step

throughout the thirty-two (32) counts of forward progression movement (no spins,

gymnastics or other lower body moves such as kicks or leaps shall be permitted).

Baton may be used in any mode and pattern of twirling.



Parade March

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