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Take a Breath—Get a Grip—Catch the Stick 

Fusion Twirling, an organization designed for ambitious baton twirlers, was founded in 2006 by Michael Harris.  Since then, Fusion athletes have participated in USTA & NBTA State, Regional, National, International & World Championship competitions. 


In addition to coaching, Michael has expanded Fusion Twirling to offer competitions and various twirling events to promote the sport of baton twirling.  

Fusion Twirling: Events by Michael Harris was established in 2022, from pure passion and desire to deliver innovative twirling events for athletes, coaches and judges alike across the nation. 


Fusion Twirling strives to provide enriching competition experiences that revolves around fostering the athletes development and wellbeing in our sport.  With extensive experience as an athlete, coach, judge, and a competition director, Michael knows just how to put a spin on the traditional clinic and competition. 


Baton Twirling is an art. It is a form of expression that allows one to communicate their thoughts and tell a story in a unique way.  Twirling has the ability to create a profound impact and change the lives of the individuals who dare to twirl. As such, it is a skill that should be valued and cultivated.

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